In order to take the abolitionist cause as far as possible and in parallel with its World Congress, ECPM is developing long-term actions in Central Africa, the Middle East, North Africa and South-East Asia. These actions hinge on 4 main areas:

  • .  Federate to enable actors committed against the death penalty to join their strengths
    Reinforce to provide these actors with strategic, financial and/or logistical support in their struggle.
  • .  Advocate to organise high-level political meetings, create awareness raising campaigns, establish regular anti-death penalty events
  • . Educate to raise awareness among citizens in educational environment.

ECPM in Indonesia

Since when ?

Since 2008, ECPM has been engaged in Indonesia.

With whom ?

ECPM works in Indonesia with KontraS, Komnas HAM and the National Human Rights Institution.




2008: ECPM launches its campaign to support Serge Atlaoui, a French national sentenced to death for drug trafficking.

May 2017: ECPM participates in the UPR of Indonesia following the publication of an institutional notice. The specific objective of this UPR was as follows: "Strengthen and support the work, cooperation and networking of key players in their countries to bring lasting positive developments in the field of the death penalty"

July 2017: ECPM participates in a national conference on 20 years of reforms "Crime and punishment in the discourse of human rights in Indonesia". This conference day aims to strengthen the dialogue between political decision-makers and civil society and to increase the latter's capacity for action and by supporting national initiatives and the emergence of new actors. It brought together members of civil society but also members of the national human rights institution, Komnas HAM, of the government and representatives of foreign embassies. A second day was held for former participants on UN mechanisms and the documentation of death row fact-finding missions.

May 7, 2018: ECPM organizes a parliamentary round table in Jakarta on the theme: "the Indonesian judicial system, penalties and human rights in the draft reformed penal code"

December 2018: ECPM launches its first fact-finding mission on Indonesian death row. Six prisons and around 10 prisoners on death row are visited (those they could access. Among these 10 people, we find in particular foreigners, women, lawyers, prison administrations, families of death row prisoners. The visits are carried out by a team formed by an investigator and an investigator: a lawyer from KontraS, Arif Nur Fikri, and Fatia Maulidiyanti. Its official launch takes place in October 2019.


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