Want to join the global abolitionist movement? ECPM offers you different opportunities to do so, according to your wishes and possibilities. Whether it is by giving your time, donating money or sharing know-how, you will definitely find a way to get involved.



By becoming a member of ECPM, you are choosing to join the benchmark French-language organisation working to end capital punishment across the world. You are committing to defending that most fundamental of rights: the right to life. Membership will give you the possibility to have a say in the organisation’s strategic choices via the annual General Assembly and cultivate strong ties with the organisation and its battles.

A financial donation to ECPM enables you to benefit from a 66% fiscal reduction up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income.

In the event that the funds collected amount to more than required, ECPM reserves the right to allocate them to activities it judges to be a priority and which serve the same purpose.