Love is not a crime : ECPM parades in Berlin!

26 July 2022


In preparation for the 8th World Congress Against the Death Penalty, which will take place in the German capital from November 15 to 18, members of the ECPM team marched with the Berlin LGBTQIA+ community to show our support and celebrate love in all forms. This activist moment was an opportunity to open dialogue and raise awareness about the death penalty and homosexuality, still present in 11 countries worldwide.

About the campaign: 

Asserting and living one's sexual orientation freely is not a crime and should have no place in a penal code! However, in Africa, in the Middle-East and in Asia, their legal systems still condemned homosexuality.

ECPM calls on all countries to respect everyone's sexual freedom.

Through its campaign, ECPM denounces sexual discrimination and urges those countries that condemn homosexuality to decriminalize it. ECPM also denounces countries with openly homophobic legislation such as Uganda, which has several times called for the reinstatement of the death penalty for the crime of aggravated defilement.

A big thank you to the local Amnesty International group who welcomed our members in their cortege and allowed us to exchange with the LGBTI+ rights activist Naana Lorbeer, as well as with Edward Mutebi, Ugandan activist, who both showed a great interest in our struggle and invite the German and international civil society to join our fight.