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ECPM develops its tools in both graphic and digital versions to provide information on the death penalty accessible to everyone quickly. Find below our infographics on :

- Our struggle
- Maps & factsheets
- The mechanisms & actors of abolition
- Focus on the countries and regions where we operate

Our struggle

20 years of struggle, together ↓ 


10 reasons to abolish the death penalty ↓


What is the death penalty  ↓


Maps & factsheets 

The death penalty worldwide (2020) ↓

The death penalty in the African Union (2020) ↓

The death penalty in Asia
(2020) ↓

The criminalisation of homosexuality

The death penalty worldwide (2021) ↓

The death penalty in the United States (2021) ↓

The death penalty in Egypt  (2021) ↓

Abolition mechanisms & actors

Core international abolitionist texts ↓

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) ↓

UN resolution for a universal moratorium ↓

National Human Rights Institutions (NHRI 

NHRIs and the fight against the death penalty: suggested activities  

Countries & regions

The death penalty in Iran (2021) ↓

EnglishFrench | Farsi (upcoming)

The death penalty in Lebanon (2020) ↓

See also our fact-finding mission "Alive, without being alive" in French or in Arabic

The death penalty in the United States (election challenges 2020) ↓

The death penalty in Iran (2019) ↓

The death penalty in the Democratic Republic of Congo (2019)

Serge Atlaoui: 15 years in Indonesian death row (2019) ↓

Focus on public opinion in Malaysia (2016) ↓

Progress and setbacks in Asia (2016) ↓ 

The death penalty in Africa
(2016) ↓

Chronology of abolition in Africa (1981-2019) ↓

Chronology of abolition in Asia (1954-2019) ↓